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Paddle counter-clockwise:

Direct the Vaus to the left.

Paddle clockwise:

Direct the Vaus to the right.

Fire button:

Use to shoot lasers when Vaus is configured in laser mode.

1-2 Player button:

Press to begin a one or two player game.




Arkanoid Blue Enlarge


Collect the blue capsule to extend the width of the Vaus by about twice the normal length.

Arkanoid Blue Enlarge


Collect the cyan capsule and the ball turn into three balls.

Arkanoid Gray Player


Collect the gray capsule to receive an extra Vaus.

Arkanoid Green Catch


Collect the green capsule and the player can catch the ball on the Vaus. The player can then release it after they line it up for a shot to take out some bricks.

Arkanoid Orange Enlarge


Collect the orange capsule and the speed of the ball will slow down.

Arkanoid Red Enlarge


Collect the red capsule and the Vause will have the ability to shoot twin lasers out of it towards the blocks.

Arkanoid Violet Enlarge


Collect the violet capsule and the player will skip through the current level onto the next. The player will aslo gain 10,000 points.




Arkanoid White Brick

White brick

One shot to destroy, 50 points.

Arkanoid White Brick

Orange brick

One shot to destroy, 60 points.

Arkanoid Cyan Brick

Cyan brick

One shot to destroy, 70 points.

Arkanoid Green Brick

Green brick

One shot to destroy, 90 points.

Arkanoid Red Brick

Red brick

One shot to destroy, 100 points.

Arkanoid Blue Brick

Blue brick

One shot to destroy, 110 points.

Arkanoid Violet Brick

Violet brick

One shot to destroy, 120 points.

Arkanoid Yellow Brick

Yellow brick

One shot to destroy, 50 points.

Arkanoid Silver Brick

Silver brick

The number of hits it takes to destroy them increases by one every eight stages. Worth 50X the stage number you are on.

Arkanoid Gold Brick

Gold brick

Cannot be destroyed.

Tips & Tricks

Power-up Rarity
The power pills are completely random except that the extra life and warp pills are twice as unlikely to occur. Only one extra life pill is possible per "vaus". If the pill randomizer selects a duplicate pill based on the last pill dropped, a multi-ball pill is substituted. Thus, the multi-ball pill is the only one you can get twice in a row. The randomizer uses player score as the seed, so it is possible to control which pill is dispensed by purposely breaking pill dispensing blocks with specific scores displayed.

Ball Speed
On each level, the ball will not speed up completely until it hits the back wall, so :

  1. Try to remove bricks from the bottom up, or punch a hole through thicker areas of bricks rather than go straight through (e.g. take out the left side of level 2 rather than the single block at the right as you will catch far more pills).
  2. If you have collected a lot of S pills and the ball has been in play for a bit of time, be prepared for a sudden speedup.

Multiple Balls
As only one pill can fall at a time, multiple balls can reduce your potential score quite drastically. Every pill is worth 1000 points. For the first few levels, get every pill you can, but do not use the special powers. You will get a lot of extra ships and should get a gray P or two - thereby starting early with 6 or 7 ships.

In the final level, where you face DOH himself, you should get 15 hits (1000 points per hit) on DOH/per man until you defeat DOH with the 16th hit on your last man to end the game.